Given the huge potential for development in the Islamic World, and the increasing amounts of funds being invested according to the Islamic principles, the Islamic Financial Industry  is expected to grow at an accelerated pace. To take advantage of such opportunities, the Islamic Finance Industry should compete effectively for business in the global market by developing a wide range of Islamic products and modes of finance.

Human capital is needed to enable the Industry develop the required products and modes of finance, and to manage and staff the institutions that will use these products and modes of finance. On the other hand, the ICD Strategy focus is on: developing Islamic financial channels, targeting direct financing of the private sector, and partnerships to shape the enabling environment for the development of the private sector.
As such, staffing the channels as well as investees, where ICD has a major share, poses a formidable challenge for ICD where it has to search globally for managers with Islamic finance expertise and international experience as well as highly qualified Islamic finance specialists with multi-functional experience.


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Interested in applying for the ICD #MIRAS program?

You must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Have a master degree in a relevant field.
  2. Have a minimum of two years working experience in finance and banking.
  3. Be fluent in one of the IDB Group working languages, i.e., Arabic, English and French.
  4. Be a citizen of an IDB Group member country.
  5. Have excellent IT skills.
  6. Have a strong leadership potential.
  7. Have a strong passion for Islamic finance and development financing.
  8. Be not more than 33 years old.

Attraction and Selection of Candidates
Miras adopts a very rigorous attraction and selection process to identify and recruit highly qualified and motivated candidates. The key elements of the selection process are the following:

  1. Assessment of capacity, i.e., assessment of the ability and desire to do Islamic finance work as well as the personality traits required for excellence in performing Islamic finance tasks.
  2. Interviewing, which includes panel and one to one targeted selection interviews.
  3. Case analysis and written assignments.

Do you meet the aforementioned criteria?


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